Unity Patch Release 5.6.4p4

Release notes


  • 896143 - Audio: Quality of atrac9 clips can now be adjusted properly in the audio importer.
  • 954607 - Editor: Fixed occasional hang during Editor startup.
  • 953161 - Editor: Fixed player settings not using the default icon when there are none specified.
  • 854349 - GI: Fixed Enlighten not generating lightmaps for meshes imported without UVs and with Generate Lightmap UVs option enabled.
  • (925552) - GI: Fixed project build errors when Reflection Probes Projection setting in Tier1(Graphics Settings) is unchecked.
  • (754298) - GI: Fixed terrain artefacts caused by Enlighten terrain mesh triangulation being different from the original mesh triangulation.
  • (939947) - GI: Fixed exception being thrown when the background color of a Reflection Probe is changed.
  • (935328) - GI: Fixed a crash in 'RenderTexture::DiscardContents' when opening the scene.
  • (None) - IL2CPP: Improve incremental build performance on OSX.
  • 966623 - IL2CPP: Fixed crash in thread pool during shutdown.
  • 955760 - iOS: Fixed crash when connection is lost in the middle of AssetBundle download using WWW.
  • (None) - Multiplayer: Fixed reliable message can be delivered twice.
  • (827984) - Scripting: Fixed deadlocks and pauses when using System.Threading.Monitor.
  • (None) - XR: Fixed mobile XR applications forcing landscape left orientation when right has been selected in the player settings.

Revision: 72f24c04957f

__Changeset: 72f24c04957f

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