Unity Patch Release 5.5.1p4

Release notes


  • Asset Bundles: Introduced the ability to use ShaderVariantCollection to ensure Shader variants are built when packing the Shader with ShaderVariantCollection seperate from the Material using the Shader.
  • Audio: Add support for streaming oggvorbis on tvOS.
  • Windows Store: introduced the ability to select which Universal Windows Platform SDK Unity should target when building the application.


  • (866556) - Android: Fixed a player crash when using Location services.
  • (877033) - Animation: Fixed a bug that was preventing AnimationEvents that were added to legacy AnimationClips during runtime from being called.
  • (845966) - Asset and Scene Management: Fixed a crash while importing an FBX where individual component X/Y/Z curves had different frame ranges.
  • (877407, 867093, 877210) - DX11: Fixed D3D11 Device creation failures on Windows Vista and Windows 7 systems without DX11.1 runtime.
  • (857117) - Editor: Fixed a rare issue where building the player and saving the project later could cause the Editor to lock up.
  • (876733) - Editor: Fixed a crash whilst reloading scene(s) after using version control merge and resolve operations.
  • (799748) - Global Illumination: Fixed a rare issue where spawning external processes (such as GI Baking) could fail or cause a deadlock.
  • (849079) - Graphics: Fixed a crash in some circumstances if object disabled renderer when culling updated the visibility.
  • (871948) - IL2CPP: Corrected the behavior of Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly on platforms that did not support stack walking properly.
  • (872641) - IL2CPP: Prevented an error during code generation when IL code had a try/finally as the last block in a method.
  • (869676) - IL2CPP: Prevented an ExecutionEngineException from being thrown at run time when a virtual generic method was called via a delegate.
  • (847494) - iOS: Don't strip alpha channel out of launch screens.
  • (850619) - iOS: Fixed an exception when disposed ODR object was collected by GC.
  • (824499) - iOS: Fixed Application.isShowingSplashScreen to return the correct state and deprecated it in favour of SplashScreen.isFinished.
  • (871989) - iOS: Hide the status bar while playing movies with CancelOnInput or Hidden modes.
  • (843172) - iOS: Internal profiler reports non-sensical CPU time values in pretty much all cases.
  • (851113) - iOS: UnityEngine.iOS.Device.SetNoBackupFlag can now be called from background threads.
  • (786455) - iOS: Warn when CameraDepthTexture uses wrong sampler type.
  • (809737) - iOS: Warn when SV_POSITION is used as input in vertex shader.
  • (870498) - Kernel: Fixed an issue when undoing the reverting of a prefab which added components with dependencies (such as ConfigurableJoint depending on RigidBody existing).
  • (876956) - Metal: Fixed lack of support for the Hidden/FastBloom shader on Metal devices.
  • (865738) - Particles: Fixed an issue whereby animation curves causing assert errors when using scripted emission.
  • (869710) - Particles: Fixed an issue whereby lights were not cleared when Stop() and Clear() were called.
  • (869386) - Particles: Particles Anim Shader now works when using mesh render mode.
  • (878576) - Physics: Fixed a crash when applying prefab changes in the editor when a component contains a Rigidbody2D.
  • (866855) - Prefabs: Fixed Editor crash when trying to connect a prefab to an instance marked with DontSave.
  • (860750, 871607) - SceneManagement: Fixed unloading Scene using Scene as parameter.
  • (699250) - Scripting: Allow serialization of classes extending Dictionary.
  • (852360) - Scripting: Fixed an issue with StopCoroutine not stopping IEnumerator and CustomYieldInstruction based coroutines.
  • (852993) - Scripting: Fixed a rare failure when building players.
  • (856277) - Scripting: Fixed RequireComponent not working with nested namespaces.
  • (878300) - UnityWebRequest: Fixed an issue with redirect in editor when not in play mode.
  • (876078) - Windows Store: Fixed building Windows Store player against Windows 10 "Creators Update" SDK.

Revision: f10174ef3e2d

__Changeset: f10174ef3e2d

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