Unity Patch Release 5.4.5p2

Release notes


  • Android: Improved WebRequest performance.


  • (780958) - Android: Disabled Debug markers on PowerVR Series 5 devices.
  • (888859) - Android: Fixrf android application building with the latest android sdk.
  • (867508) - Android: Fixed a rare crash on application exit due to UnityWebStreams not getting cleaned up properly.
  • (851523) - Android: Fixed a dangerous permission popup issue.
  • (892203) - Android: Fixed an unnecessary internet permission requirement in empty project.
  • (none) - Android: SoftInput - Fixed input field hidden under keyboard when translucent flag was set.
  • (898505) - Animation: Changing Animator.Speed during an animation transition will now correctly affect the cross-fade speed.
  • (892043) - Animation: Fixed IK on Feet not working properly when interrupting transitions.
  • (890636) - Editor: Fixed OSX editor load failure when loading on case-sensitive file systems.
  • (878724) - Graphics: Fixed SceneView GUI elements being very bright when HDR and Linear mode are enabled.
  • (none) - IL2CPP: Fixed a a rare crash in IL2CPP on some Visual Studio installation setups with message "Unhandled Exception: System.InvalidOperationException: Builder was unable to build using selected toolchain (MsvcDesktopToolChain) or architecture (Unity.IL2CPP.Building.x64Architecture)!"
  • (898861) - IL2CPP: Modified the implementation of the IL Switch opcode to workaround a possible C++ compiler bug in Xcode 8.3.
  • (882013) - iOS: Fixed inclusion of ReplayKit framework in plugins.
  • (889321) - Purchasing: Fixed an issue with Unity IAP emitting DuplicateTransaction failure for all non-consumable purchases when initialized.
  • (883080) - Shaders: Fixed an incorrect translation from HLSL assembly for AND and OR operands. Fixes a crash when compiling shaders for GLCore.
  • (886258) - UI: Removed an extra call to CanvasRenderer.OnTransformChanged when canvas was set to ScreenSpace.Camera render mode, and the camera was transformed
  • (none) - VR: Updated Oculus to version 1.13 and GearVR to version 1.13.1. Fixes plugin loading issue in paths with non-ASCII characters.
  • (895766) - Windows Store: Fixed a rare case where games can get stuck in a busy loop on dual core devices.

Known Issues

  • (905903) - Animator: BlobWrite errors after selecting transition in Animator window.

Revision: e6ffa1986af7

__Changeset: e6ffa1986af7

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