Unity Patch Release 5.4.3p3

Release notes


  • (825170) - Android: Fixed a pause-resume incorrect behaviour in certain circumstances.
  • (845646) - Android: Input.backButtonLeavesApp = true now exits gracefully.
  • (824462) - Android: The platform setting for Android plugins now defaults to "Android" instead of "Any Platform".
  • (668043, 837519) - Asset Pipeline: Fixed an issue where asset and timestamp maps could get out of sync.
  • (853619) - Build Pipeline: VR Splash Screen texture will no longer be included when building a project for a non-VR platform.
  • (791434) - Core: Fixed hangs in the job system when running on certain platforms with a low number of cores e.g. older Windows Phones, UWP dual core machines.
  • (842708) - Editor: Fixed case of WebViews appearing blank in Editor main window on MacOS 10.12.1 (Sierra).
  • (846989) - Graphics: Fixed a crash during shutdown when using the DX9 graphics API.
  • (840897) - Graphics: Fixed a problem with objects not rendering after resolution changes or entering/exiting fullscreen when using DX9 graphics API.
  • (836815) - Graphics: Fixed case of Lighting preview windows not rendering correctly on Macs with retina displays.
  • (830217) - Graphics: Fixed crashes when using Compute Buffers from scripts which get garbage collected. Added a user warning to show if a Compute Buffer has not been released manually by the user.
  • (820587) - Lighting: Fixed a problem with reflection probes updating during runtime even when "Refresh Mode" was set to "Via Scripting".
  • (834235) - Lighting: Fixed crash when building lighting on specific projects and scenes.
  • (840641) - Lighting: Fixed lighting variation from lightprobes caused by the rendering order of objects and the "Light Probes" property on the objects.
  • (842783) - Physics: Ensure that 2D effector targets are limited to dynamic bodies only and do not allow the consideration of kinematic body types (performance improvement only).
  • (836589 - Profiler: Fixed issue where taking detailed memory snapshot did not work in some circumstances.
  • (825418) - Shaders: Automatically upgrade any shaders using unity_SpecCube1, to fix unity_SpecCube1 related shader compile errors after a project upgrade.
  • (825408) - Shaders: Fixed crash when compiling very complex surface shaders. Optimised the memory usage during surface shader compilation.
  • (844355) - Shaders: Fixed a shader compiler crash for shaders which had extra "}" tokens in them.
  • (840181) - Substance: Fixed case of emission shader parameter not being properly set on import when emission global illumination is set to realtime.
  • (829162) - Substance: Fixed issue where ProceduralTexture inspector preview would sometimes show invalid size and format.
  • (818122) - UI: Fixed crash when deleting objects.
  • (840177) - Substance: Fixed case of SubstanceArchive inspector unselecting ProceduralMaterials after being renamed.
  • (842999) - Substance: Fixed crash when loading a substance with corrupted data.
  • (821319, 837935) - UI: Fixed cases where UI elements didn't render immediately and sometimes not at all after reparenting elements.
  • (819300) - UI: Fixed jittery movement when scrolling ScrollRect.
  • (850018) - UnityWebRequest: Fixed issue where escaped characters in URL would get unescaped.
  • (826626) - UnityWebRequest: Fixed case of incorrect Content-Type request header for multipart form data in POST requests.
  • (851921) - UnityWebRequest: Fixed case of POST requests not working with empty data.
  • (657131) - VCS: Fixed null reference exception after resolving an asset (e.g. prefab) whilst the asset is selected and displaying in the inspector.
  • (845179) - VR: Fixed crash when checking for Stereo VR Device during build.
  • (824508) - VR: Fixed a memory leak when using a canvas and VRFocus is lost.

Revision: 3592d3a1f914

__Changeset: 3592d3a1f914

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