Unity Patch Release 5.4.2p3

Release notes


  • iOS: Exposed EditorUserBuildSettings.iOSBuildConfigType in public API.
  • User profile markers in scripts now show in platform profilers even when the Unity profiler is not running.


  • (832837) - Animation: Fixed a crash when receiving null property modification in animation recording.
  • (835544) - Animation: Re-enabling playback/recording in play mode.
  • (844785, 841067) - AssetBundles: Fixed a deadlock when decompressing lzma bundle when stream had incompressible data.
  • (774264, 820297) - CacheServer: Fixed creation of directories and an issue while sending file and socket was closed.
  • (819150) - Collab: Fixed a crash with collab toolbar.
  • (826244) - Graphics: Texture2D.ReadPixels no longer reads from the wrong location on iOS/Metal when reading a section of an image.
  • (842538) - IL2CPP: Correctly marshal an out array of structures which uses the LPStruct marshaling directive.
  • (840534) - Mono: Prevent GetHostEntry from throwing a SocketException on Windows when the machine is not connected to any network.
  • (827122, 804744) - Multiplayer: Fixed a crash with StartAsClient.
  • (790431, 785347, 771860, 836170, 827884) - Multiplayer: Fixed the issues concerning disconnect and error handling.
  • (761588, 820982, 773323) - Multiplayer: Fixed weaver error handling of not supported types.
  • (756572, 737241, 775248) - Multiplayer: Fixed weaver generation of Serialize and Deserialize functions.
  • (843507) Physics: Fixed interpolation of rigid bodies (3D) that was losing accuracy over time. That may have led to interpolated bodies moving in a jittery way after hours of gameplay.
  • (765145, 840314, 710625, 730779) - Shaders: Fixed some cases where surface shader writing to o.Occlusion would not sample the texture with correct UVs.
  • (833647) - UnityWebRequest: Fixed redirect to a relative URL.
  • (none) - VR: Fixed issue with Oculus causing Controller Input to fail for bumpers.
  • (838737) - Windows Store: Fixed incorrect instanceID for component when cloning object with component contained in a struct inside list.

Revision: 466fe82d1f51

__Changeset: 466fe82d1f51

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