Unity Patch Release 5.4.2p1

Release notes


  • Graphics: When graphics jobs are enabled added an Assert to detect recursion e.g. a graphics job runs inside another graphics jobs.
  • Unity IAP: Support transaction receipt logging for all store platforms.
  • VR: Update Oculus to version 1.9 .


  • (823935) - 2D: Fixed an issue with UV rounding errors when using the OverrideGeometry method on sprites.
  • (none) - Android: Added "Mute Other Audio Sources" option to Android player settings in editor.
  • (825442) - Android: Buildpipe - Fixed splitting files for OBB.
  • (807983) - Android: By default lower volume of the background audio instead of muting it.
  • (826201) - Android: Return internal temporary cache and persistent data paths when external paths are unavailable.
  • (822232) - Animation: Fixed a bug where deactivating a GameObject with an attached Animator might cause a crash.
  • (832996) - D3D11: Take into account ColorSpace (linear/gamma) when capturing screenshots.
  • (819770) - Editor: Fixed a crash when deleting GameObject with ScrollView component.
  • (819900) - Editor: Fixed drag'n'drop a shader onto a material not setting the correct shader keywords but choosing the shader from the material UI shader drop down would set them correctly.
  • (815720) - Editor: TargetInvocationException error no longer appears when importing Windows Store Apps plugins.
  • (828380) - Graphics: Fixed GPU instancing not working with procedurally generated meshes.
  • (829694) - Graphics: Prevent RendererScene modifications from within OnPreRender callbacks, similar to other callbacks.
  • (834633) - IL2CPP: Use the no-strict-overflow flag to compile generated C++ code on gcc and clang based compilers so that we match the integer overflow behavior of C#.
  • (none) - iOS: Fixed run loop mode warning on iOS 10 devices.
  • (819351) - MAC OS X: Fixed Codesigning for Editor Build to prevent firewall from asking multiple times for permission.
  • (819813) - OpenGL: Prevent Windows editor crash when opening old project that had legacy OpenGL selected.
  • (833783) - Rendering: Fixed incorrect batching of Renderers with different PropertyBlocks.
  • (819962) - Scripting: Fixed TransformDirection and InverseTransformDirection operations being affected by scale.
  • (766144) - Scripting: Fixed a crash on Invoke(null, …).
  • (833425) - Shaders: Fixed a potential crash when calling GetShaderSettingsForPlatform on Windows.
  • (720704) - Shaders: Fixed some cases of inout struct variables with COLOR semantic members wrongly translating into GLES2.0.
  • (828454) - Shaders: Added fixes to tessellation shader compilation on OpenGL and OpenGL ES.
  • (none) - Tizen: Added Showing loading indicator in Tizen.
  • (833452) - tvOS: Added support for top shelf wide image.
  • (none) - UnityAnalytics: Fixed an invalid userId issue on WebGL.
  • (825429) - UnityWebRequest: Allow setting Accept-Encoding header at users own risk.
  • (775178) - WebGL: UnityWebRequest.downloadProgress now returns the actual progress as opposed to 0.
  • (none) - WebGL: Fixed Code Blob memory leak.
  • (829648) - Windows Store Apps: Location services can be enabled or disabled while the app is still running.
  • (835218) - Windows Store Apps: Player preferences are no longer lost between game sessions.
  • (none) - Windows: Added safety check when receive new window size with zero values, make minimum value 1, otherwise functions like CreateDepthStencilView will fail.

Revision: fe0fe6301f5e

__Changeset: fe0fe6301f5e

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