Unity Patch Release 2017.3.0p4

Release notes


  • (962517) - Animation: Fixed an issue with shadow rendering in the Animation Previewer.
  • (978674) - Animation: Fixed layouting issue when deleting clip in a blend tree inspector.
  • (972927) - AppleTV: Removed 2x App store icon slices that cause App Store validation to fail.
  • (967778) - Editor: Editor no longer crashers when closing 2 custom editor windows at the same time.
  • (984239) - Editor: Fixed an issue with normalization of transform rotations which was causing spurious tiny differences in the rotation quaternion when serialized to YAML files.
  • (984239) - Editor: Fixed ForceReserializeAssets incorrectly updating the timeCreated field in .meta files.
  • (975920) - Editor: Fixed lightingdata.asset files getting re-opened in text mode in certain situations.
  • (981259) - GI: Fixed lightmap compositing not resilient to NaNs causing black areas.
  • (979638) - Particles: Fixed issue where Local Aligned particles with negative scale could be displayed incorrectly.
  • (980258) - Unity Package Manager: Fixed "Permission denied" error message on read-only .meta file when upgrading project from a previous version
  • (984723) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed Socket.Send failing silently on Windows.
  • (960555) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed crash when using 'fixed' statement on a string.
  • (973794) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed Android crash when script debugger is enabled.
  • (954427) (952800) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed Android crash when NullReferenceException is raised.
  • (980258) - Fixed "Permission denied" error message on read-only .meta file when upgrading project from a previous version.
  • (979700) - Timeline: Fixed an issue where custom tracks could be lost if they contained compile errors.
  • (986905) - Video: Fixed Media Foundation hang that would eventually freeze the Editor.
  • (986237) - Web: Fixed file URI support with multibyte chars in UnityWebRequest/WWW.
  • (980326) - Web: MadeContent-Disposition for file sections standard-compliant in UnityWebRequest POST.
  • (974046) - Web: Ensured only use non-chunked data transfer in WWW.
  • (971293) - XR: Fixed early out of Virtual Reality SDK list when SDKs that are unsupported in play mode try to initialize. Also Improved log messages around the Virtual Reality SDK list in Play Mode.

Revision: 25a5860ad58d

__Changeset: 25a5860ad58d

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