Unity Patch Release 2017.2.4p1

Release notes


  • (955711) - 2D: Fixed Compressed ETC Variant Sprite Atlases become corrupted when changing their scale with target - latform set to Android.
  • (1006814) - 2D: Fixed Sprite Renderer memory leak when changing size value in tiled mode.
  • (1084557) - Mono: Fixed a crash when loading some assemblies due to invalid metadata parsing.
  • (1064897) - Physics: Fixed an issue where physics internal data wasn't being updated if the scene only contained - tatic colliders, causing issues with shape casts.
  • (1061326) - Scripted Importers: Fixed crashes when ScriptedImporters are missing or modified.
  • (1082564) - Scripted Importers: Fixed an issue where Scripted Importer version wouldn't work when reimporting ShaderGraph.
  • (898536) - Shaders: Made enum fields work with float values.
  • (1032743) - Shuriken: Fixed crash when sprite atlas is not included in build.
  • (1030308) - Xbox-One: Unity projects now build for Xbox One with .net 4.6 compatible scripts and the Roslyn compiler.

Revision: 4b5b15039f3e

__Changeset: 4b5b15039f3e

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