Unity Patch Release 2017.2.2p4

Release notes


  • (961745) - Editor: Fixed an issue where changing override format on a texture could cause Unity to crash.
  • (966404) - Editor: Fixed editor crashing in "RenderSelectionOutline" when using ImageEffectAllowedInSceneView and set camera's targetTexture to null.
  • (1014028)(952569) - Editor: Fixed local assets being overwritten during collab update.
  • (None) - FMOD: Fixed a performance regression in FMOD.
  • (1000692) - GI: Fixed an issue where LoadDataTimeSliced works on the wrong scene mapping in the Editor.
  • (913869) - GI: Fixed an issue where baking multiple scenes together resulted in a LightingData.asset file vastly bigger than the sum of the sizes of the assets being baked in scenes.
  • (957736) - GI: Fixed realtime probes not working when loading scenes (that were baked together) additively.
  • (980811) - GI: Fixed errors on loading Enlighten probesets in the Editor after clearing the GI cache.
  • (990626) - GI: Fixed harmless "Lighting data asset [...] is inconsistent" errors when moving those assets between projects.
  • (996127) - GI: Fixed realtime probes going black when unloading a scene that was a part of a multi-scene bake.
  • (971907) - GI: Fixed duplicate GI light probe data in the player build with scenes that were part of a multi-scene bake.
  • (949117) - GI: Fixed the "m_ProbeSetHashes.empty()" error occuring in certain projects when clearing the GI cache or when quitting the standalone.
  • (1021655) - Graphics: Fixed a potential crash when using marquee selection in the Editor, to select dynamic geometry such as particles, lines and trails.
  • (1014884) - Graphics: Fixed Android/OpenGLES Cubemap native texture not being registered correctly causing cubemap CopyTexture to native texture to fail. This also fixed Oculus Cubemap overlays not rendering.
  • (963576) - Inspector Functionality: Fixed objects using HideAndDontSave being visible in preview windows, after being disabled and enabled.
  • (967197) - iOS: Fixed an audio crash when moving an app to the background, and back to the foreground.
  • (947049) - Linux: Fixed Linux touch input for mouse events.
  • (1008385) - Multiplayer: Fixed editor crashing on AddWebsocketHost on second instance using the same port.
  • (1006679) - Physics: Ensured that recursive 2D physics callbacks do not causes a crash when reparenting/disabling with existing contacts.
  • (919351) - Shaders: Fixed an issue with the Shader Compiler which would result in GLSL based platforms not being able to compiler certain shaders.
  • (None) - Windows: Fixed mouse events for non-primary display on Windows standalone player.

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