Unity Patch Release 2017.2.2p3

Release notes


  • iOS: Metal: Enabled setDepthClipMode on all supported devices.
  • XR: Updated Google VR NDK to 1.130 for Android/1.120 for iOS.


  • (965024) - Android: Fixed possible crash with Performance Reporting enabled.
  • (978599) - Android: Fixed unity pausing during Android Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie start.
  • (905161) - Editor: Fixed various UnityEditor.VersionControl.Provider APIs when used with newly created VersionControl.Assets.
  • (989654) - Graphics: Fixed black screen on devices that do not support RGBA16F rendering to texture.
  • (None) - Home: Fixed multiple issues with styling to enable windows scaling.
  • (None) - Home: Fixed the launcher manage license page not handling losing of the network properly.
  • (993422) - IL2CPP: Corrected a possible build failure with IL2CPP when an attribute constructor has two arguments of type object.
  • (1016615 (1013198)) - iOS: Fixed crash when creating texture from PNG image when cardboard VR is enabled.
  • (919769) - Mobile: Fixed crash in SplatMaterials::FindMaterialProperties when opening a scene with a certain Terrain and Material combination.
  • (988874) - Particles: Fixed error when sorting by youngest/oldest.
  • (988854) - Particles: Fixed crash when emitting particles from script.
  • (967476) - Particles: Fixed alpha output not being clamped to ensure compatibility with HDR.
  • (983677) - Particles: Fix edperformance regressions when emitting from script with a Size module enabled.
  • (989631) - Particles: Fixed Prefab modifications allowed to be added multiple times.
  • (968997) - Shaders: Fixed shader compiler crash when compiling specific D3D9 shaders.
  • (1005779) - Substance: Fixed a memory leak when using cloned ProceduralMaterials.
  • (1016692 (978204)) - Windows: Fixed opening project in Editor causing Unity to terminate it without opening the new one.
  • (None) - XR: Fixed incorrect thread affinity setting on Gear VR.

Revision: 7706f9f606ca

__Changeset: 7706f9f606ca

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