Unity Patch Release 2017.1.0p1

Release notes


  • (887824) - Android: Gradle - Support custom library build.gradle files.
  • Editor: New special search filter for folder: "t:folder"


  • Timeline: Tagged BasicPlayableBehaviour as Obsolete.


  • (918524) - 2D: Fixed an issue where the Editor became unresponsive when switching from OpenGL to Metal with a tiled sprite in the scene.
  • (917931) - 2D: Fixed an issue where adjusting Collider2D's Offset when Using Tiled Draw Mode and Auto Tiling would result in inconsistent behaviour.
  • (927372) - 2D: Fixed an issue where Sprite from the same atlas not hashed & packed correctly.
  • (920773) - 2D: Fixed console showing error when multiple selecting asset while locking Sprite Atlas inspector and Pack.
  • (924515) - Android: SoftInput - Fixed the NamePhonePad flag.
  • (910280) - Android: Gradle - Do not explicitly set debuggable attribute when building with Gradle to avoid lint security warning.
  • (none) - Android: Gradle - Handle too many errors; filter out warnings and detect too long error list.
  • (924518) - Android: Gradle - Make sure unity3d and other files from raw/ are uncompressed in the APK.
  • (920359) - Android: Buildpipe - Correctly split resources between APK and OBB when building with LZ4.
  • (906014) - Android: SoftInput - Fixed the autocorrection not being disabled on Samsung phones.
  • (918605) - Android: Fixed an issue with alpha texture size in ETC1 texture compression with split alpha.
  • (918785) - Android: Fixed an issue where spot and point lights were too bright on low-end devices.
  • (922283) - Animation: Fixed a crash when changing number of input in AnimationLayerMixerPlayable at runtime.
  • (918032) - Animation: Fixed a crash in Animator Editor window when closing Unity.
  • (917195) - Animation: Fixed an issue where the Animator's State Machine would start to flicker in Playmode if the Animator window was too small to display the active State.
  • (893779) - Animation: Fixed an issue whereby AnimatorState's WriteDefaults was not working properly on very specific setups.
  • (919307) - Build Pipeline: Fixed an issue with enabling Split Application Binary flag in Android player settings would affect other platforms.
  • (907960) - Collab: Fixed an issue where user was not prompted to save local scene edits before updating.
  • (925505) - Editor: Fixed an issue in the Inspector Window that prevented the 'Nothing Selected' component from being shown.
  • (900957) - Editor: Fixed a performance regression that cause very long startup time when invoking a test run.
  • (915524) - Editor: Fixed a case of "Generate Lighting" drop down menu being hidden when inspector was resized to minimal width.
  • (none) - GI: Progressive Lightmapper: Fixed a crash in light probe rendering occurring when changing or removing probes.
  • (none) - GI: Progressive Lightmapper: Fixed an issue where auto-mode did not detect when changing material values for alpha cutoff.
  • (none) - GI: Progressive Lightmapper: Fixed an issue where alpha cutoff was not properly converting values.
  • (911953) - GI: Fix to only show clustering view when realtime GI is on, or when baking is on with Enlighten.
  • (none) - Graphics: Fixed OpenGL ES debug labels.
  • (923842) - Graphics: Fixed an issue where overlapping cameras drawing to the same target would not composite correctly.
  • (918788) - Graphics: Fixed a rare (could happen in very complex scenes) crash/hang when graphics jobs were enabled.
  • (918406) - iOS: Fixed an issue where Unity would not generate icons for Spotlight and Notifications in a Xcode project.
  • (912594) - iOS: Rewrote the internal clock system and replaced it with a system that took into account the time when the device was asleep. Also, the startup time is now calculated more accurately.
  • (911935) - iOS: Fixed auto-rotation on ReplayKit.
  • (none) - Launcher: Fixed the issue where Remember me did not work when using the Web hosted sign in.
  • (none) - Multiplayer: Fixed an issue where reliable messages exchanging had been staled after couple of hours.
  • (910018) - Particles: Fixed use of Unscaled delta time in Edit Mode.
  • (926710) - Timeline: Fixed a crash when using Timeline with a MacOS player.
  • (924515) - UI: InputField - For Name content type, use NamePhonePad touch screen keyboard type
  • (904449) - WebGL: Fixed Corrupted Sprites on MS Edge.

Revision: 2f459b492f3c

__Changeset: 2f459b492f3c

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